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Conveyancing Solicitors

bpl solicitors are one of the most experienced and specialised law firms in the country dealing exclusively with property matters. We recognise however that not everyone's requirements are the same and that some clients require a more bespoke service to suit their circumstances or the circumstances of their transaction.

To meet this need, bpl solicitors launched bpl select.

Led by the Directors, bpl select is a team of highly qualified and experienced property lawyers able to address your specific needs and requirements. They offer an enhanced and personal service and are available where necessary out of the usual office hours.

This site contains information about some of the more usual services that our clients need, however, what ever your requirements please contact one of our Directors; David Bridge or Mark Stimson on 0333 370 4300

We can offer help with all types of property transaction including the following;

  • Bespoke or complex residential transactions including farms, estates, short lease flats and company properties
  • Helping tenants collectively buy their freehold (Collective Enfranchisement) including setting up the necessary companies
  • Helping individual tenants extend their leases
  • Advising on buy to let and other investment property transactions
  • Portfolio and off-shore remortgages

You can view our main bpl solicitors site by clicking here.